Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Swamp Run February 24, 2013

The Historic Commercial Vehicle Club and the Trafalgar Truck Restorers Club held a joint run on Sunday, February 24 2013. We started opposite the old General Motors Factory at Dandenong, and travelled down the Princes Highway through to Berwick, up and over the Berwick hill, through to Beaconsfield and Officer, then we turned right, down Cardinia Road to Cardinia, onto Dalmore Road, which is the start of the Koo-Wee-Rup Swamp, onto the South Gippsland Highway. We stopped at the Swamp look-out tower which has great views across to French Island. It is right next to the Main Drain, which was dug to drain the Swamp. Work on the drain started in 1889 and the 16 miles to just south of Bunyip was completed by 1893. After that we went through Koo-Wee-Rup, Bayles and onto our place at Cora Lynn for lunch. Great day!

The view from the Swamp look-out tower. Click on the photos to enlarge them. The green and yellow do-nut van wasn't part of our run!

Below, all the trucks at our place.

Steve Camilleri - Commer Knocker. This model was the last of the Commer Knockers.

Adrian Hem - 1964 J-model Bedford.

Our 1974 1418 Benz.

Eric Shingles - 1974 1418 Benz.

An Amilcar - two views.

The Amilcar - view 2

Another Amilcar. This one is owned by Lynn and Ray O'Halloran and the one shown above this is owned by Lynn's brother, Phillip. Great effort, coming all the way in such little cars!. Amilcars were made in France from 1921 to 1939. According to the book The complete encyclopedia of Motorcars, 1885 to the present, edited by G.N Georgano (Ebury Press, 1968) the Amilcar 'was the most famous and successful of all the sporting voiturettes that proliferated in France after World War One'. A voiturette is a miniature automobile.

Richard Christie - Ford F100.

John Gramlick - 1961 Commer Knocker.

Russell Marshall - 1941 Ford.

John Wright - 1981 International Acco.

Brian Dawes - Dodge

Max Devlin - 1928 Dodge.

Dave Horne - 1934 British Bedford. I did the trip with Dave in this truck.

Graham and Shirley Pollard - Austin 1800. John says they were jokingly called 'land crabs'

Our Volvo - 1976 N10 - the first of the N-series in Australia.

The 'working Volvo' - 2000 NH 12- the last of the N-series in Australia. This is ours as well.

Bill and Pat O'Halloran - 1975 Perkins powered Dodge.

Colin Hook - Transtar, ex U.S Air Force.

Jeff Johnston - F12 Volvo.

Daryl Lloyd - International Acco - all the way from Kinglake.

Graham and Heather Cameron - 1973 Inter D1210.

Wayne Henry - 1967 Cummins powered Inter.

Graeme Johnston - 1960 Commer Knocker.

John Denholm - Ford D-series.

Vyn and Chris  Harris - Kenworth S2.

John and Bev Ferguson - 1948 Inter KB3.

Tony and Glenys Hackett - 1957 REO. All the photos in this post are ones I took, apart from this one, as my photo was out of focus. I 'borrowed' this one from Colin Hooks Facebook page.

Click to enlarge all these photos.

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