Sunday, September 16, 2012

Photographs from the Harold Paynting collection, State Library of Victoria - Part 2

Here are some more  truck photographs from the Harold Paynting collection at  State Library of Victoria (SLV). You can look at them on the State Library website To see more of the Harold Paynting collection,  click here.

State Library of Victoria Image H99.100/92

A Milnes Daimler truck in St Kilda Road with the statue of Robert Burns in the background. Taken sometime between 1903 and 1918, acccording to the SLV.

 State Library of Victoria Image H2011.52/14

Name on door is W.J Jenner of Shepparson Avenue, Carnegie. Photograph taken in the 1930s or 40s.

 State Library of Victoria Image H2006/47/482

Taken around 1953 on Geelong Road. The truck is an International, the name on the door is W.T. Skew. It is a delivery of pipes for Shell's Corio to Newport oil pipe line. 

 State Library of Victoria image H2011.52/55

Golden Fleece Oil truck, taken outside the Exhibition Buildings in Carlton. The name on the door is H.C. Sleigh, Little Collins Street. 

 State Library of Victoria Image H2011.52/217

This is a Federal truck, name on door is J.W.French, Croxton garage.

State Library of Victoria Image H2011.52/205

I would love to know where Webb Bros P/L windmills was located - it's  a great photo

 State Library of Victoria Image H2011.52/203

H.J.Fraser company vehicle. They are promoting the new 500 watt A.W. A transmitter of Radio 3BO in Bendigo.

State Library Image  H2009.21/39

 Interior view of Cheney's showroom - apparently they are Bedford trucks and a Vauxhall car. Taken in the 1930s.

 State Library of Victoria image H2011.52/137

Ford truck in garage, taken in the mid 1940s.

 State Library of Victoria Image H2011.52/193

E.G.A. Company truck of King Street, Melbourne, obviously a supplier of baths, basins and stoves. The truck is a Chev.

  State Library of Victoria Image H2011.52/70

Glazebrooks of King William Street, Fitzroy, company truck. Glazebrooks manufactured enamels, lacquers, paints and varnishes. Photo taken in the 1940s.

If you want to see truck photographs from the Harold Paynting collection, then click here.

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