Monday, December 7, 2009

H.C.V.C Display Day 2009 - Part 1

The 2009 Historic Commercial Vehicle Club (H.C.V.C) Display Day (November 22) was a wet, rainy, inclement, showery, pluvial, precipitational day. No matter what you call it, it was just a wet, soggy day. In spite of this over 260 vehicles turned up, including a good show of buses and some Military vehicles, and even some members of the public, which was good. We took the Volvo and the Freighter trailer down on the Saturday, thank heavens, as they would not have left the shed on the Sunday. Once again, it was the only Volvo displayed. We didn't bring the Benz, as something has to be done to the brakes, but there were three other Benz trucks displayed, so that took the total European truck count to four, sadly out numbered by just about everything else. A lot of the vehicles on display are shown below, the Kenworths are shown in my second Display Day post, the Internationals in my third Display Day post and the Bedfords and Fords in my fourth Display Day post. The photos are pretty average, due to the overcast conditions.

This is our N1025 1976 Volvo, and the newly restored 1976 38' Freighter trailer. It will, hopefully, get a floor in it over summer.

This is the Volvo and Warwick Bryce's Leader, taken on the Saturday, when it was fine and dry. Warwick acquired the Leader from Calleja Transport and John has been a subbie at Calleja's since 1989, with this truck until 2005 and now with the 'working Volvo' or as I like to call it, the truck that makes money as opposed to the two old trucks which just cost money.

Warwick also had two other vehicles on display, this interesting Chev (above) and his 1955 FG Foden (below)

An Albion, above and an Atkinson, below.

Three Benz's. Immediately below, Eric Shingles and his LS 1418 Benz and milk tanker and, below, Russell Ashleys LPS 1418 on the back of a trailer.

I should have written this Model Number down, but didn't. It is a 335? or 336? or 330? or some other number entirely.

Some of the Trafalgar Truck Restorers Clubs vehicles on display. Above - Graham and Heather Cameron's 1978 Dodge, then Stan Hamilton's 1946 Maple Leaf and 1969 Ford.

Other Traf Club trucks - Norm Nettleton's J Model Bedford, Wayne Henry's 1967 CD1840 International, John Denholm's 1962 AB Inter, Geoff East's AB Inter and John Ferguson's KB3.

Suzan, the Steam truck (above) and Terry Burrow's 1954 FG Foden (below)

Frank Latorre's Foden, parked next to Murray Langford's W model Kenworth. Frank's Foden was on the cover of the November 2009, Blockbuster Classic Edition Truckin' Life magazine.

The Dodge, above, is fitted with a Detroit Diesel. Below, is a Burma Dodge.

One of the other Dodges displayed. Shown below are three Fire trucks - an Austin and two Internationals - the middle one belongs to Ken Whitworth, a H.C.V.C founding member and Club stalwart.

A line-up featuring a jail-bar Ford, 1948 Morris Commercial owned by Ian James, a Series 1 Land Rover and Daryl Teale's 1955 AR Inter.

A Bedford, Dodge and two more Bedfords.

Leyland Hippo, next to it is Ian Latham's International which is looking all shiny, having just had a new coat of paint and a bit of other restoration work.

Two Diamond T's - Stephen Corstorphan's spiffy red 1957 model and Bob Lee's, equally as interesting, 1937 model.

Bob Lee's Diamond T, next to John Gramlick's Commer Knocker.

An old Chev. This photograph and the one above were taken by Judy Johnston.

Ian Chatfield's 1939 Chev, above, Graham Dawe's 1932 British Chevorlet, below.

Graham Dawe's Chev, again, and his Thornycroft next to it.

Graeme Johnston's TK Bedford, Peter and Tracy Rochow's C60 Chev, then a Dodge and an Inter.

An Austin next to Bill & Pat O'Halloran's 1975 Dodge.

Mick Black's Mack, plus a glimpse of some of the buses displayed.

A 1954 Mazda, for sale for $15,000 if you are in the market. It's sort of cute in the same weird Japanese way that bonsai is cute.

Western Star.

White 9000.

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