Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our trucks

These are our trucks. The Volvo is an N1025 model, which john purchased new in 1976. He worked it until 2005 when we retired the truck. His work truck is now a NH 12 Volvo (so that means he has owned the first and the last of the N-series in Australia) The Benz is a 1974 1418, which we got two years ago. We ( I say we, but in reality John does all the work) have since taken a lot of stuff off it - old bits of wiring, bits of metal etc and have repainted the chassis - a gleaming black. Next job is to re-do the cabin - all we need is money and to decide what colour. You may guess that we have a 'collection policy' when it comes to trucks - European Highway trucks of the 1970s.


  1. i'm sure i have seen those before, where???

  2. This blog needs more Mercedes Benz stories and photo's, but apart from that it's alright.